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It's All Good.

Confessions of a speechie... This is the third blog I have ever authored.

The first two withered into interweb oblivion.

And now for their respective Blog Obituaries:

Blog-The-First was created back in graduate school. It was called "Speech and the City". I was punnier (but not necessarily funnier) back then. If my memory serves me correctly, I think I wrote a grand total of one post and it had absolutely nothing to do with my imminent career.

Blog-the-second lived a more flamboyant life. Not only did my blog posts hit 2-digits, it managed to cover a plethora of topics. Unfortunately, I think that was the problem. The blog had no focus, and I just wanted to write about ALL THE THINGS...keywords being "wanted to"...there was a lot of "want" and very little "write". When you start realizing that every blog post you feel like writing is just going to be a list of excuses for why you haven't posted in 4 (err...24) months, it is maybe time to start dedicating your time/energy/talents elsewhere. [Author's note: While I recognize that is my "Type A; No-Half-Way-To-Hardcore" personality speaking, I can't help myself. (Trust me, I've tried!)] During this time I also struggled with the discovery of some rather blatant plagiarism of my blog, grad school reflective journal, and mission statement. While I do not claim to have coined the philosophical and ideological tenets I wrote of, and many colleagues insisted, "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery," my closeted-introvert whispered, "umm, not cool," and just turtled into her protective vulnerability shell of armour. I erased the blog link off my social media accounts and proceeded to let blog-the-second rest in eclectic-topic peace.

...And it was good.

In fact, I began dedicating that time/energy/talent I mentioned to honing my skills as a relatively fresh Speech-Language Pathologist. While continuing to work full-time in the public sector, I dove head-first into private practice (you know, in my "spare time"). These days I am unapologetic about the fact that while many of my friends/colleagues are currently passionate about starting families, I am zealously nurturing my own career.

And that's where this third-time's-a-charm-blog comes in. Having learned my lesson from blog one and two, I have resolved to dedicate this blog to speech and language related posts ONLY. If I try to sneak in travel or style or...SQUIRREL!, somebody (PLEASE!) give me a good swifty cyber-slap.

I have been told in the past that I write how I talk. I am never sure if I should consider that a compliment or not (mostly I defer to the former), but please consider yourself warned.

Here's to reaching a potential 3 (or 4!) digit number of blog posts. May credit be given where it is due, and in the words of Pete the Cat (Litwin, 2010):

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